Christmas Greetings from My Muslim Friends

Christmas greetings from my Muslim friends, including Lubna Mousa.

Christmas Greetings from my Muslim friends! Lubna Mousa is one of the artists whose beautiful paintings we show in our Common Humanity exhibits. Her photo is shown here. Lubna writes:

“To my fellow humans who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a very happy and a joyful holiday from Baghdad. It is times like these that reminds us of how we all essentially share the same values despite geographical locations. I consider myself lucky because I get to celebrate both Eid and Christmas in Iraq and Canada. 

“The roots of our religions are so similar. In fact we have a whole chapter in the Quran named after Mary Mother of Jesus, it’s called Mariam. The chapter (referred to as Sura 19) is dedicated to her. It is indeed a very beautiful time of the year and I am wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas.”

The Nativity by Gustave Dore

Some Americans may be surprised to hear that Muslims join Christians in celebrating Christmas. Muslims revere Jesus as a holy prophet and have a deep devotion to Mary, Mother of Jesus. According to the National Geographic, “Muslims as well as Christians consider her to be holy above all women, and her name ‘Maryam’ appears more often in the Koran than ‘Mary’ does in the Bible.” (Nov. ’15)

Christmas greetings also from my friend Lama who writes: “When Christmas comes every year I remember the first time I met Santa and the first gift I got from him at my school. Even after all of these years and after I realized when I was a kid that I’m Muslim I still have these great memories about Christmas.

“Merry Christmas for you, Mel, your family and all the friends here in the US and all around the world.”

Christmas greetings also from my friends Ahmed, Majid, Nedda, Ranya and Widad.

Merry Christmas to all of my Muslim and Christian friends!

Mel Lehman
Common Humanity
Christmas 2016

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