This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful For My Kind Muslim Friends

Here are some greetings from my Muslim friends to you on this Thanksgiving holiday. I wrote to them and invited them to send greetings via my Middle East Peace Blog. I reminded them that Thanksgiving is the American holiday when we make a special point of inviting everyone of all backgrounds to our dinner table. This year that especially includes Muslims!

As I read through their comments I was reminded of something I have known for a long time: Islam highly values human kindness. I am angry at the U.S. news media for its lousy, biased coverage of the Middle East for many reasons, but what makes me most angry is that the U.S. media focuses on the one hundredth of one percent of the people of the Middle East who have turned to terrorism out of anger, but our media doesn’t cover the 99.99% of the people there are kind, compassionate people.

Here are greetings to you from my Muslim friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mel Lehman
Common Humanity
New York City
Nov. 23, ‘16

Happy and peaceful Thanksgiving to you and your small and big family all over the world
Ranya Taha.



We hope you the BEST Thanksgiving, ever !!!

Khalid Alaani
Omar Odah


Thanksgiving is not just for expressing thanks for what you have. It is also a time to be grateful for what you are going to have. So Happy Thanksgiving Day to all people around the world, I wish peace and love for everyone .
Omar Ghani.
Iraq .


God said:” If you indeed be thankful, I will bestow more (favours) on you



Dear Mel, I write to you in gratitude for what you do, essentially working against the tide of discord and hatred. Here, I feel you are joining hearts being inclusive in peace and harmony for all. My name is Fiaz, outreach coordinator at the Islamic center [in Raleigh, North Carolina]. The following link is our statement to those who are supporting us and to others in general.

With deep appreciation,

I am Rukhsana Rishi from Pakistan. mellehman is a nice person .He is my brothers friend. My brother Dr Mazhar Rishi is no more , he is like my brother.


Dearest Mel,

It is only because of people like you in the States that people like us have a chance to live happily into the future as we have here in our pasts. Thank you for your courage, your love and unending support for Muslims, in the West and of course in Iraq and Syria. Our hearts bleed together for our brethren there and our prayers together will give them relief inshallah!
Thank you for always teaching me how to be kind and good.

Love and regards, Mariam

Mel Lehman

Mel Lehman is the director of of Common Humanity. He has worked in international humanitarian issues for several decades, inducing two decades at the National Council of Churches. He has traveled extensively in the Middle East and has published a number of articles about his experience.