Worried About Trump

Trump Protest Nov. 12, '16 in New York

Trump Protest Nov. 12, ’16 in New York

Earlier today I attended a protest here in New York City against the policies of — this is still very hard to say — President-elect Donald J. Trump. The mood of the event was cordial but there was an undercurrent of anxiety. What is happening to this country, anyway?

I’m very concerned about what Mr. Trump’s victory holds for America’s actions in the Middle East. The initial rumors I’m hearing are very troubling. There’s a bad spirit abroad in Israel right now, a spirit which is contemptuous of the rights and sensitivities of its Palestinian citizens and its Arab and Muslim neighbors, and I fear that this spirit will be emboldened by Mr. Trump’s contemptuous remarks about Muslims. I very much dislike what I’m hearing.

Middle East Peace Blogger Mel Lehman, center.

Middle East Peace Blogger Mel Lehman, center.

We face very troubled times ahead. We need to ground ourselves on the deepest level of truth, in our faith that we are all children of a God Who loves all of us equally — Christians, Jews and Muslims, Arabs and Europeans. Everyone matters. It is our task to embody that love in our daily lives and promote it in the society around us.

We’ll have a great deal of work to do. But don’t despair. A few blocks from Trump Tower, workmen were putting up the still-unlit Christmas tree.

Mel Lehman
Nov. 12, ‘16

Mel Lehman

Mel Lehman is the director of of Common Humanity. He has worked in international humanitarian issues for several decades, inducing two decades at the National Council of Churches. He has traveled extensively in the Middle East and has published a number of articles about his experience.